Our mission is to provide a safe, fun and innovative way of exercise for people of all ages, size and background.  We strive to empower women and men to be stronger and courageous through the art of Pole Fitness.

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Bombshell Fitness specializes in Pole Fitness and offers a variety of classes that serve beginner to advanced clients.

Group Fitness


Bombshell Fitness offers several options for group classes outside of pole dance such as Booty Boot Camp, Pole Ripped, Chair Vixen, Flirty Flex and Twerkshop.



Book your next party with Bombshell Fitness to experience an unforgettable night!! Our trained instructors are ready to host a fierce and flirty party for you and your guests.  Learn a sexy pole or chair dance routine that will leave you feeling strong and sexy!


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Our Instructors


Hawaii Pole Camp 2015 
Photographer Millie Robson

Owner/Instructor Jaymie has been in love with pole dance fitness since she tried her first class at Fit-Tease Studio in Albuquerque, NM in 2011.  This became her second home and she trained with owner, Cindy Sandoval (certified by Felix Cane) over the next 6 years.
Jaymie is certified in Level Pole 1 & 2 from the XPERT Fitness professional training program.  Jaymie has performed in several public showcases in the Albuquerque area.  She continues to seek training with the best pole dancers around the world by attending pole camps, and expos yearly. Training with top pole athletes such as Miss Filly Pole Diva (3x Pole Champion,2x Miss Pole Dance),Evgeny Greshilov (3x World Pole Champion,7x Int. Pole Champion), Kira Noire, Nadia Sheriff and many more to bring the best training techniques back to her clients. 



Kendra began her pole journey in 2014 at FIT Tease, where she trained with Cindy and Jaymie. When FIT Tease closed and Jaymie opened Bombshell Fitness, Kendra continued her training with Jaymie at the new location, where she’s had the wonderful opportunity to train with Evgeny Greshilov and Jenyne Butterfly.   Kendra is XPERT Certified Teacher in Pole Level 1 & 2 and she understands the importance of proper form and technique when teaching all pole and chair moves, from beginner to advanced.  Kendra has had the opportunity to perform in shows outside of the studio but has found that teaching others is what really makes her heart happy.  The excitement, joy, and determination on her students’ faces when they “get that move” reminds her why she started this journey.  She is also proud of the fact that she can be an inspiration to other people over the age of 50 to try something new.  Kendra believes that the pole studio is a safe place for all people to express themselves freely, without judgment from others, and free from negative self-talk. 



Amanda has loved pole fitness since the first time she touched a poled in Febuary  of 2013. She has been immersed in the world of pole ever since, by attending over a dozen studios throughout the country, owning a studio for 4 years, attending pole conventions, competing in competitions, performing at several public showcases and even teaching private lessons out of her own home. She loves teaching and helping others to feel empowered by the strength and beauty that is pole. Her husband and 4 kids support her love for pole and keep her busy when she isn't hanging upside down!



Lauren is a massage therapist and yoga instructor that has been pole dancing for three years now. She found her way into dance and the flow arts after picking up hula hooping at the music festivals she loves to attend. She has worked at 2 pole studios and loves sharing the empowerment and sisterhood that pole has given her with everyone she meets, hoping they can find the same growth and community that it’s given her. She likes combining her passions for pole and travel in what she likes to call “pole tourism”, taking classes at studios around the world from Rome to San Francisco and Orlando.  Lauren is XPERT Teacher Certified in Pole Level 1 & 2.





Gemma began her pole journey 5 years ago at Fit-Tease Studio where she trained with, now owner of Bombshell, Jaymie. She has loved all things pole ever since. Having learned many varieties of pole styles from static to spin, beginner and advanced levels, her true passion lies  in Exotic Flow. Her dedication for pole translates through her teachings. Gemma believes that being a teacher means you are a forever student. She has attened pole conventions out of state and has trained with some of the top pole icons, such as Evgeny Greshilov (3x World Pole Champion,7x Int. Pole Champion), Kira Noire, Nadia Sheriff, Jenyne Butterfly and many more. She continues to seek training from the best to work on her pole and flexibility skills to teach her students the best techniques out there. 





Amber started ballet at about 4 years old. She was instantly inspired and continued to dance jazz and hip hop as well. Amber fell in love with the lines and techniques of pole dancing over three years ago and has been poling ever since ♡

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